Looking for Guitar or Drum Lessons? Strum2TheBeat offers fun guitar & drum lessons. Learning to play is much easier than most think.  I do lessons IN-PERSON and LIVE ONLINE!  

I'm a CERTIFIED TEACHER and have played guitar for over 20 years and drums for over 25 years. Currently, I have around 35 students in the Denver area.



GUITAR LESSONS: My guitar lessons include songs students want to play, chord structures, strumming patterns, some simple theory and lots of FUN!! I will specifically model my lesson to help you at your current skill level. Learning guitar is much easier than people think. I specialize in beginner and intermediate guitar lessons but am very successful helping folks of all ages achieve their musical goals.

DRUM LESSONS: I always include songs students want to learn, stick technique, rhythm, rock, country, swing beats, and lots of FUN!!

GROUP LESSONS: Though individual lessons offer a great opportunity for growth and learning, especially for students that are beginners, I also prioritize Jam Bands and Group Lessons because research shows that learning music in a group setting is very beneficial. Jam Bands are a 90 minute session, generally on a Saturday, where students have an opportunity to learn a song with other guitar and drum students and play together as a band. Group Lessons are an ongoing opportunity to learn songs and theory with 3-4 other students. In these settings, students learn the value and skill of playing with other musicians and have lots of fun doing it.


30 Minutes - $30

45 Minutes - $40

Hourly Rate - $50

Travel Fees ($5-$20)

Group Lessons - As low as $25 for an Hour


I currently have students from ages 7-77, so no matter your age, we can make playing music a bigger part of your life.



"My kids and I love lessons with Kevin. He is always positive and sculpts the instruction to our interests."


"Kevin has been a great instructor for my son. He is very organized, tracks progress and gives a quick status update at the end of each lesson."


"Kevin is a wonderful guitar instructor. He incorporates fun into every lesson. Kevin is patient and supportive, but also challenges our daughter. Kevin is a terrific teacher and I would suggest him hands down to anyone looking to learn the guitar."  


"Love his method of teaching. Kevin is very thorough and uses technology to enhance the lesson and practice times. He has also incorporated fun opportunities to encourage playing with others like Jam Band Sessions and playing alongside his performance settings for the kids to get a real sense of being a musician."




4195 S Broadway
Englewood, CO 80113



(573) 578-7721



  1. Payment is expected in full one week prior the first lesson of each new group of lessons.

  2. Lessons are sold in groups of four or more.

  3. The cost for individual lessons: thirty minute lesson is $25, forty-five minute lesson is $35, 1 hour lesson is $45, and $10 more for each additional 15 minutes after the first hour. 

  4. Method of payment accepted is cash, check, or PayPal. 

  5. In the event that a lesson must be cancelled (including time change requests) by the student, 48 hours notice is required.

  6. If a lesson is cancelled within 48 hours of the lesson, it will be considered a late cancel.  In the event of a Late Cancel (including illness), you will be charged for the lesson along with travel/studio fee if applicable.  There are no refunds and no free make-up lesson for late cancellations. 

  7. If a request for a Time Change is made within 48 hours of the lesson, the teacher will try to accommodate a time to work within the scheduled day.  An additional $10 to $15 will be charged for the time change. If the time cannot be moved due to conflicts within the teacher’s existing schedule and the student cannot meet at their normal lesson time, it will be treated as a late cancel. 

  8. If you ever need to cancel a lesson, it must be comunicated in writing via text or email.

  9. Travel charges do apply and are $5 to $15 depending on distance teacher must travel per lesson.  Travel charges are subject to change if teacher’s or student’s residence changes. 

  10. Beginning and end times may need to be flexible.  For example: If I show up 5 minutes late, I will stay 5 minutes later for you. 

  11. Lessons at my guitar studio on South Broadway will include an additional $5-$10 studio fee.   

  12. Pictures or videos of our lessons/performances may be used for printed or online marketing purposes.

  13. Group Lesson Information:

    • Group lessons are taught in full hour sessions or longer. 

    • A 2 week notice must be given for group lesson cancellations.  If 2 week notice is not given, it will be counted as a late cancel. 

    • Pricing for 2 students is $30 each for a full hour, plus studio or travel fee if applicable.

    • Pricing for 3 or more students will be a fixed $25 rate per person per 1 hour lessons, plus studio or travel fee if applicable. 

    • An additional $5 per student will be charged for each additional 15 min. after the first hour.

    • If group lessons are done at a student’s home and the meeting location becomes unavailable for the lessons, the group lessons will be held at the teacher’s designated studio space and applicable studio fees will apply.

    • If group lessons need to be switched to individual lessons because another student has cancelled or discontinued, the remaining student will be notified 3 days in advance that it will be an invididual lesson.  Individaul lesson rates will apply to that remaining student, if they choose to keep schedulued lesson.   

  14. Parent or guardian must be present for in-home or studio lessons with students under 18.  If parent or guardian is not present the lesson will be treated as a late cancel and charges will apply. 

  15. As the legal parent/guardian, I release, indemnify, and hold harmless the owner of Strum2TheBeat LLC from and against any liability related to any loss, damage, or injury that may be sustained by the student and/or undersigned, while in or upon the premises of the lesson location. 

  16. If there are any changes in policies, they will be posted on and parent/guardian will be notified to look there.

  17. Lessons Must be fun!!! 

(573) 578-7721

4195 S Broadway
Englewood, CO 80113

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